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  12 April 2012
Volume 13 Issue 4

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New Carbon Neutrality Initiative Aims to Engage SETAC North America Membership

Barnett Rattner, SETAC North America President

I am pleased to announce an innovative approach toward achieving carbon neutrality for our upcoming annual meeting in Long Beach. The SETAC North America (SNA) Board has approved an initiative on carbon neutrality that is designed to engage our SNA regional and student chapters in a meaningful way. Rather than have attendees purchase units of carbon credits from external groups, which would give us limited or no ability to verify how the funds were used, we decided to empower our chapters to propose carbon-offset projects in their local communities. We are encouraging the SNA regional and student chapters to prepare proposals as outlined in the accompanying request for proposals.

Attendees of the Long Beach meeting will be asked to purchase carbon-offset credits as in past years. However, this year the funds generated will go to the best projects identified in the submissions. This will not only move us toward our goal of being carbon neutral but will connect our members to their local communities in ways that we seldom have the opportunity to do and create unique opportunities for engagement, especially for our younger members.

To demonstrate our commitment, the SNA Board has agreed to underwrite the initiative by using funds that would ordinarily go toward the president’s reception at the Long Beach meeting. This will ensure that at least $15,000 will be distributed among the top projects. If the purchase of carbon-offset credits exceeds $15,000 the amount going to the project may increase accordingly.

Please join me in promoting this initiative by working within your regional or student chapter to develop innovative proposals. And when you attend the meeting in Long Beach, please purchase carbon-offset credits that will go to fund these projects.

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