SETAC Globe - Environmental Quality Through Science
  15 September2011
Volume 12 Issue 9

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Cumana, Venezuela

2011 SETAC Latin America Congress Just Around the Corner

By José Maria Monserrat, SETAC Latin America President

The 2011 SETAC Latin America Congress will be held 11-15 October in Cumaná, Venezuela. The event aims to promote scientific knowledge and cooperation between the environmental professionals and our communities, in order to take actions that promote sustainability and environmental quality. The program has been organized around eight themes:

  • Environmental chemistry
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Climate change and global warming
  • Standardization of toxicological assays
  • Biomarkers and toxicity mechanisms
  • Risk assessment and environmental education
  • Clean technologies and remediation
  • Life cycle analysis

For more information about the meeting, please contact organizing committee president Mairin Lemus ( and vice president Leida Marcano (  Hotel reservation requests or questions may be sent to Ysabel Campos (  We hope to see you in Cumaná!

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