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Global Executive Director's Corner 3 November 2011
Volume 12 Issue 11

Mike MozurIt’s is hard to believe that this extremely busy year for SETAC is drawing to a close with still so much ahead. We have the Boston meeting coming up in North America and planning for the World Congress in Berlin next May and other 2012 activities continues apace. So much has happened this year that I really need several Corners to cover it all…


Mercury Pollution Figure Mercury Pollution - Stepping Out of the Scientific Framework
Michael C. Newman and Sharon L. Zuber
Information moves freely and comfortably within groups of individuals with similar backgrounds but exchange between dissimilar groups is less common and, when it occurs, is often accompanied by cognitive dissonance. People - being people - are drawn more toward comfortable exchange with their group members than to the less comfortable exchange with members of other groups. This behavior suffices to meet a group’s needs until a problem emerges that requires novel information to solve…

Hg PartnershipUpdate on SETAC’s Global Mercury Partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme
Michael Bank and Davide Vignati
SETAC’s decision last December to join the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Global Mercury Partnership and more recently to seek observer status in the negotiations on a global mercury convention have opened exciting new opportunities for our members…

Personal Care Products Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in the Environment: Research Priorities in Australia and New Zealand
Rai Kookana and Alistair Boxall
SETAC’s Pharmaceutical Advisory Group (PAG) recently identified its ”top 20” global research and policy questions about the effects and risks of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) in the environment. A one-day Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization/SETAC Australasia Workshop, held in Adelaide on 5 October, brought together stakeholders from Australia and New Zealand to discuss the top 20 questions and identify priorities on PPCPs in the Australasian environment…

SETAC Trees Initiative A Follow-Up to Last Month’s Feature on SETAC Trees for Africa Initiative
Wirsiy Eric Fondzenyuy
Last month’s issue of the Globe featured an article on a project that SETAC Europe has helped support, as part of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Billion Tree Campaign during the International Year of Forests. The project aims to expand and conserve the Mbiame communal forest, with a goal of enhancing its water supply potential. That article mentioned the project’s use of the analog forestry technique. This technique is not widely known and so people had questions about it…

Soil Advisory Group The Global Soils Advisory Group Wants You!
Monica Amorim and Michael Simini
The SETAC Global Soils Advisory Group (GSAG) is a forum for communication, cooperation, scientific discussion and collaboration among soil scientists, risk assessors and environmental regulators from across academia, business and government. GSAG provides scientific guidance in all aspects of soil testing at the laboratory and field level, soil-related risk assessment methodologies and soil ecotoxicology related to soils negatively impacted by either chemical and non-chemical stressors…

Footprint Sustainability in SETAC–Boston, Berlin and Beyond
SETAC Advisory Group on Sustainability
Sustainability is again a featured topic at this year’s annual meeting in Boston, in anticipation of next year’s World Congress, where the primary theme centers on Sustainability. The options available for having a ‘green meeting’ have expanded, and as transportation to and from the meeting is the key factor in calculating your meeting carbon footprint, we do have online links to purchase carbon offset…

Ecosystem Service Special Science Symposium: Ecosystem Services, From Policy to Practice
Ecosystem Services Special Science Symposium Steering Committee
On 15 and 16 February 2012 SETAC Europe will hold the 5th Special Science Symposium (SESSS), which will address the use of the ecosystem services concept for the implementation of European environmental policies…

SERDP Logo SERDP and ESTCP Announce Technical Program and Training Opportunities at Annual Symposium and Workshop
Kelly Magathan
Partners in Environmental Technology Technical Symposium and Workshop, "Meeting DoD’s Environmental Challenges," will be held 29 November - 1 December 2011, at the Washington Hilton, Washington, D.C.

Executive Director’s Corner
Mercury Pollution
SETAC’s Global Mercury Partnership
PPCP in the Environment: Research Priorities
Trees for Africa followup
Global Soils Advisory Group Wants You!
Sustainability in SETAC
Ecosystem Services, From Policy to Practice
SERDP and ESTCP Announce Technical Program and Training Opportunities at Annual Symposium & Workshop
SETAC North America 32nd Annual Meeting
SETAC North America LCA Advisory Group will meet Tuesday 15 November from 12 - 3 PM in Room 202 and a follow-up meeting Thursday, 17 November from 8 AM - 1 PM in Room 300. Participation is welcome for all in attendance and teleconference capabilities will be available on Thursday for those who cannot be in Boston.
Learn more:

SETAC North America 32nd Annual Meeting Abstract Book is now available for download online.
IEAM IEAM special series:
Challenges Posed by Radiation

IEAM top article:
Application of multicriteria decision analysis in environmental decision making
(Volume 1, Issue 2)
ET&C ET&C special virtual issue:
Nuclear Accidents: Chernobyl Revisited

ET&C top article:
Nanomaterials in the environment: Behavior, fate, bioavailability, and effects
(Volume 27, Issue 9)
Coming in the December Issue: SETAC in Boston, nanomaterials, and more…
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