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  12 May 2011
Volume 12 Issue 5

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A happy EnviroTox 2011 Local Organizing Committee.

EnviroTox 2011 Wrap-up

Scott Wilson (CQUniversity, Australia)

EnviroTox 2011, the inaugural conference of the newly-established SETAC-Australasia chapter (SETAC AU) was recently held in conjunction with the Royal Australian Chemical Institute. The host city was tropical Darwin, Australia, and the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) was pleased to have the first hint of the dry season appear just in time for the duration of conference, 17–20 April. The meeting was attended by over 200 local, regional and international delegates.

EnviroTox 2011 began with a Sunday filled with well-attended workshops covering the topics of Ecotox 101, Ecogenomics and Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals. The three outstanding plenary speakers, Jenny Stauber―meeting the local fauna at the welcome reception.Tracy Collier, Samuel Luoma and Mary Reiley, presented highly informative and engaging talks which provided a solid base for the multiple concurrent daily sessions. The conference also benefited from the attendance of six prominent international and national keynote speakers, as well as the presence of the current SETAC World Council Vice-President (and incoming President) Tim Canfield.

It became clear from the high-quality presentations that ecotoxicology and environmental chemistry have truly found a symbiotic relationship in the region. The conference provided patent evidence of a significant evolution of these fields in Australasia, and the vast majority of the presentations included both biological and chemical data. Moreover, the conference was well attended by professionals from disciplines such as ecology, microbiology and molecular biology, and their participation is sure to stimulate many productive linkages for future multi-disciplinary projects.

The LOC would like to thank the host societies, sponsors and all the participants for an extremely educational and fun conference! A more detailed report on the conference will appear in the near future.

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