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  17 March 2011
Volume 12 Issue 3

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Dr. James Meador

Podcast: Tissue Residue Approach for Toxicity Assessment

From the Editors of IEAM

The first IEAM podcast is now available online! Please join us as we chat with Dr. James Meador, guest editor of the Tissue Residue Approach Special Series of six articles that are featured in the January 2011 issue of IEAM (Volume 7, Issue 1). The special series was spotlighted in the December 2010 Globe.

In 2007, Meador organized and chaired a Pellston workshop entitled “The Tissue Residue Approach for Toxicity Assessment (TRA).” A group of 39 scientists from 9 countries convened in Leavenworth, Washington, USA to evaluate the theory and application of tissue concentrations (internal concentrations) as the dose metric for characterizing toxic effects. An important consensus of the experts at the workshop was that the TRA can enhance the scientific understanding of the interaction between exposure and consequent effects, which will strengthen our ability to assess and manage risks from chemical contamination. The workshop participants also felt that appropriate application of the TRA can reduce variability, diminish uncertainties, and improve interpretation of causality as compared to both traditional toxicity testing and assessments based solely on concentrations in exposure media.

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You might also be interested in Meador’s article with his co-chair Nelson Beyer on the tissue residue toxicity session at the SETAC North America meeting in Portland. That article appeared in the January 2011 Globe.

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