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  17 March 2011
Volume 12 Issue 3

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John Toll, Editor-in-chief

Editor's Note

John Toll, Editor-in-Chief

Hi everyone.  We’ve got a good issue lined up for you this month, but before we get to that, I want to follow up on my last column.  Last month I wrote to you asking for volunteers to serve as regional or topical editors for the Globe.  Thank you to those who responded!  We’ve now added Vernon Somerset as regional editor for sub-Saharan Africa, Jane Parkin Kullmann as topical editor for environmental toxicology, and Thomas Jabusch as regional editor for northern California and potentially other SETAC North America chapters in the western United States.  Dr. Jabusch also is interested in integrated water resources management, as it interfaces with SETAC's mission, so over the long term we might find him moving in that direction with the Globe.  We’re talking with others who’ve contacted us as well, but there are still more opportunities to get involved.  For example, we would love to add a Latin American editor!

The job of our editors is to actively reach out to SETAC’s advisory groups, journal editors, workshop and meeting organizers, chapters, etc. to find the stories that we’ll cover over the next 6-12 months.  The editors identify authors (or sometimes write articles themselves), keep in touch to make sure things go smoothly as submittal deadlines approach, and edit content.  It’s not overly time consuming, and the time our editors do spend can be very worthwhile in the sense of building relationships and familiarity with what’s happening in their region or topic.  If this interests you, please drop us a line at

As I mentioned, we have a good issue lined up for you this month.  Leading it off, we have a nice article from Executive Director Mike Mozur on the SETAC Global Program’s foundations, activities and direction.  That’s followed by a president’s address from SETAC North America President George Cobb.  Bonnie Bailey reports for us on the newly formed North American Human Health Risk Assessment Advisory Group.  Larry Burkhard gives a nice overview of two years worth of Bioaccumulation Advisory Group (BSAG) work on relating laboratory and field bioaccumulation, focusing particularly on a session he co-chaired on that topic at the SETAC North America meeting in Portland.  That’s followed by an article on another major SETAC initiative that we’ve covered periodically in the Globe―the development of the tissue residue approach for toxicity assessment.  This month’s article announces the first of what will be a series of IEAM podcasts, a discussion with Jim Meador, the guest editor of the Tissue Residue Approach Special Series that was featured in the January 2011 issue of IEAM.  Finally, we’ve got an article on what SETAC’s members will be doing to commemorate Earth Day, which is just a month away.

We hope that you find what you’re looking for in the Globe.  If you don’t though, maybe that’s all the more reason to come on board as an editor!  Just kidding (or am I?).  As always, whether you’re thinking about joining the team or just want to give feedback, we love hearing from you!

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