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  9 June 2011
Volume 12 Issue 6

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IEAM Podcast: Traits-Based Ecological Risk Assessment

Join us for our second IEAM podcast as we chat with Drs. Paul van den Brink and Donald Baird about the special series “Traits-Based Ecological Risk Assessment (TERA): Realizing the Potential of Ecoinformatics Approaches in Ecotoxicology.” The TERA series, which is presented as five papers in the April 2011 issue of Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, grew out of a 2009 SETAC workshop that Drs. van den Brink and Baird organized and chaired. A group of 30 scientists from North America, Europe and Australia, composed of experts from different fields of biomonitoring and ecological risk assessment, gathered in Canada with the goal of evaluating advantages and disadvantages of TERA for different fields of science, and specifically how to overcome the disadvantages for each area. Workshop participants strived to identify problems and obstacles associated with standardizing potential trait descriptions, representing the first step towards developing a web-based, collaborative knowledge platform of trait information.

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