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Global Executive Director’s Corner 9 June 2011
Volume 12 Issue 6
Mike Mozur, Global Executive DirectorIf this is June, it must be time to report on another great SETAC Europe annual meeting. Milan brought together almost 2,200 environmental scientists and practitioners, with outstanding plenary speakers and a full scientific program which will be reported in detail in upcoming editions of the Globe. It was great to see Steve Eisenreich honored with the Founders Award, and his personal remarks upon receiving the award were quite moving. Our advisory groups were very busy. Two—nanomaterials and life cycle assessment—are beginning to engage in the policy dialogue in their areas, doing so under agreed SETAC outreach procedures. And, with successful meetings driving membership, the Society now boasts almost 5,700 members, a gain of almost 20 percent since 2008.
Fire stick performer at the Gulf Oil Spill Focused Topic Meeting Gulf Oil Spill Focused Topic Meeting a Major Success
Marc Greenberg, Bill Goodfellow, Bruce Vigon and Greg Schiefer
The SETAC Gulf Oil Spill Focused Topic Meeting agenda—fate and effects, food contamination, modeling, etc.—covered all the major aspects of the spill in a participatory and integrated manner. That was the feedback from one enthusiastic attendee, and reflects the prevailing view of the 250+ participants. More than 90% of the meeting-specific survey responses rated the scientific value of the meeting “good” or “excellent” and more than 90% recommended that SETAC North America conduct another oil spill focused topic meeting next year.

SETAC Europe Milan 2011 Magnificent Milan! SETAC Europe 21st Annual Meeting 2011
Dave Arnold
What a meeting! So many different aspects represented the success and evolution of SETAC as a global scientific society. Once again our attendance figure exceeded expectations with more than 2100 delegates from 67 countries. The organization was not without its traumas.

IEAM volume 7, issue 2 IEAM Podcast: Traits-Based Ecological Risk Assessment
Join us for our second IEAM podcast as we chat with Drs. Paul van den Brink and Donald Baird about the special series “Traits-Based Ecological Risk Assessment (TERA): Realizing the Potential of Ecoinformatics Approaches in Ecotoxicology.”

Acid mine drainage Mining Water is Threatening Freshwater Supply in South Africa
Vernon Somerset
In South Africa, a country that is known for its mineral wealth, a new crisis is emerging as abandoned and existing mining activities are generating mega-litres of acidic mine drainage (AMD) that is severely impacting freshwater and groundwater resources.

SETAC North America Endowment Fund status Your SETAC North America Endowment Fund
Gene Mancini
As Chairman of the Board of Trustees for your SNA Endowment Fund, I’m pleased to report that the Fund currently stands at more than $84,000. Our 2011 target for the Fund is $100,000 by year’s end. To achieve this important benchmark we are encouraging every member to consider a contribution to the Fund.

Grafenrheinfeld Nuclear Power Plant in Germany Experts Discuss Environmental Challenges to Nuclear Power in July 2011 Issue of IEAM
The July 2011 issue of Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management will feature a series of invited commentaries that discuss environmental challenges to nuclear power generation.

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Journal cover ET&C special virtual issue:
Nuclear Accidents: Chernobyl Revisited

ET&C top article:
Synergistic toxicity of atrazine and organophosphate insecticides contravenes the response addition mixture model
(Volume 16, Issue 11)
IEAM volume 7, issue 2 IEAM featured articles:
Managing and responding to oil spills

IEAM top article:
Consideration of exposure and species sensitivity of triclosan in the freshwater environment
(Volume 4, Issue 1)
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