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  9 June 2011
Volume 12 Issue 6

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Experts Discuss Environmental Challenges to Nuclear Power in July 2011 Issue of IEAM

The July 2011 issue of Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management will feature a series of invited commentaries that discuss environmental challenges to nuclear power generation. The March 2011 events at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan captured the world’s attention and re-invigorated concerns about the safety of nuclear power. IEAM Editors invited experts to describe the primary issues associated with the control and release of radioactive materials to the environment. The commentaries address the broad science and policy challenges raised by this event, and provide a brief overview of the science issues that surround this situation.

Look for the series “Challenges Posed by Radiation and Radionuclides in the Environment” in the July issue of IEAM (7.3). All commentaries will be open access and available at

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