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  21 July 2011
Volume 12 Issue 7

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Opportunities for SETAC Members — Supporting SAICM Projects in Developing Countries

Michael C. Mozur, SETAC Global Executive Director

SETAC is an NGO stakeholder in the global Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) and has contributed science and capacity building to the common SAICM effort. SAICM, in place since 2006, is a worldwide undertaking involving a broad range of stakeholders, including 170 governments, 12 international governmental organizations, and some 70 NGOs, including SETAC. The Approach’s Quick Start Programme (QSP) provides funding and project support to developing countries to help them to meet their obligations under SAICM and to improve their national and regional efforts with regard to chemicals management.

In early July, the QSP, seeking to increase the expertise available to developing countries as they implement QSP-supported projects, announced the establishment of the senior experts resource group. The objective in creating the senior experts resource group is to make available the expertise of retired and other environmental professionals on a voluntary basis for project implementation activities. The resource group will channel the expertise of governmental, intergovernmental, and non-governmental experts, including those from industry, to provide technical support for the successful implementation of QSP projects.

SETAC has established a very strong record within SAICM with regard to highly valued volunteer participation in capacity building, with our March 2009 Africa regional training workshop on risk assessment an outstanding example of SETAC members volunteering their time and effort to promote a better environment in that region of the world. We are in line for further funding, subject to availability, for a similar workshop in Latin America and are considering possibilities in the life cycle area as well.

SETAC members interested in the SAICM opportunity can find additional information at the link above or should feel free to contact SETAC Global Executive Director Mike Mozur ( with any questions or expression of interest. With your interest and participation, we can add to SETAC’s impressive record of contributions to this important global undertaking.

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