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  21 July 2011
Volume 12 Issue 7

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SETAC Nanotechnology Advisory Group

SETAC's Nanotechnology Advisory Group

Larry Kapustka, Associate Chair

In 2007, at the SETAC Europe meetings in Porto, the first organizational meeting was held, and the intention to form the Nano AG was communicated to the SETAC World Council. Subsequently, at the SETAC North America meeting in Milwaukee, the Nano AG was launched. Since that time, there have been efforts to promote the interests of SETAC members through the sponsorship of sessions at regional meetings, organizing a series of papers to be published in ET&C, and holding a workshop in Clemson, SC, following the NANO2010 conference, to identify emerging issues. Discussions have been underway for sometime on the possibility of organizing a Pellston-style workshop or to promote some activity that could have a similar impact that enhances the work of SETAC members and contributes to the broader dialogue underway in the scientific, business, and regulatory communities.

SETAC maintains a Communities site for the Nano AG. To gain access to the site, log in to and update your profile to indicate you wish to join the Nanotechnology Advisory Group (click here to download a .pdf file with detailed instructions). Once you have access to the communities’ page you can download and upload files and engage in dialogue with other members. In the next several weeks, I and others will be doing some housekeeping of the site. The plan is to establish an archive folder that will become the home of files that currently reside with AG members but may have historical value to the members at large. This will include minutes of earlier meetings, workplans of various subgroups, and other pertinent correspondence about the group. With this housekeeping, the site will then have active files that have greatest relevance to on-going activities.

The steering committee is especially keen to know what the membership at large is interested in. Are there particular topics of interest such as short-courses, training opportunities, related conferences that our membership would benefit from knowing about? Do you or others you work with have an interest in developing a short-course or training, either in connection with a SETAC meeting or as a stand-alone activity? Are there things the Nano AG should be doing to enhance your ability to do your work?

As with all other advisory groups, the energy comes from individuals who conceive of an idea and are able to excite others to bring it to life. Let us know if there are things you would like to pursue, and we will see if we can help facilitate making it a reality. When you attend the next SETAC Regional Meeting or the World Congress in Berlin in 2012, join us at the Nano AG Business Meeting.

For further information, please contact Bart Koelmans, Chair; Larry Kapustka, Associate Chair; or any of the members of the Nano AG Steering Committee:

Graeme Batley, Teresa Fernandes, Mike McLaughlin, Frank von der Kammer, Steve Klaine, Jim Lazorchak, Willie Peijnenburg, Jeffery Steevens, Richard Handy, Jason Unrine, Martin Hasselöv, Kate Sellers.

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