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  21 July 2011
Volume 12 Issue 7

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In Memory of Mark Smith

Dear SETAC Colleagues,

One of SETAC and EPA’s long time contributors, Mark Smith, left us at age 49 on June 21, 2011. Mark started his career supporting the EPA on a University of Cincinnati cooperative agreement; he was hired as a contractor in 1986 to support Mark Smithwhat was then the U.S. EPA Environmental Monitoring and Support Laboratory in Newtown, Ohio, EPA’s birthplace of aquatic toxicology. For over 25 years, he served the EPA with distinction, and he will be sorely missed by his co-workers, the many EPA scientists with whom he collaborated with over the years and many of you in the SETAC community. As many of you know Mark was a gentleman and tried to accommodate everyone. He was the master of fathead minnow culture and had a great ability in making things work in culture and testing whether it was freshwater or marine. He kept the spirit of the Newtown Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory alive when we moved from a groundwater run culture system to one at the Andrew W Breidenbach Envrionmental Research Center where we did the unimaginable, cultured in tap water and on the 7th floor! He cannot be replaced. He was a colleague and friend of mine for 21 years. Many of the contributions I may have made to toxicity testing and diagnosing impacts in the environment could not have been done without Mark at my side. He was one of the most loyal people I met. We must remember those folks in our labs that keep our cultures going for years and run our tests that are successful 99% of the time, need as much recognition as the familiar names we see in the publish literature or hear at our SETAC meetings.

James M. Lazorchak
Aquatic Ecologist/Toxicologist
Manager, AAALAC Certified Aquatic Research Facility

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