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  17 February 2011
Volume 12 Issue 2

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News from the SETAC North America Technical Committee

Katherine von Stackelberg, SETAC North America Technical Committee Chair

Hello from the SETAC North America Technical Committee (SNA-TC)! We would like to introduce ourselves and let you know a little something about what we do, what our goals are, and how you can participate.

The purpose of the SNA-TC is to provide guidance, direction, and assistance to SETAC’s membership by responding to technical issues that arise, including weighing in on specific questions, reviewing proposals for workshops and seminars, organizing and participating in peer reviews of specific papers or work products, and providing scientific and technical expertise input to annual meeting planning. SNA-TC members work closely with other committees and advisory groups to help ensure that we are aware of all key technical issues pertinent to the Society. We welcome input from the membership at large, particularly concerning emerging technical issues that SETAC as an organization should be prepared to address.

The SNA-TC consists of, ideally, at least 12 members who typically serve a three-year term and are assigned to at least one subcommittee that best corresponds to their interests. There are four subcommittees: (1) workshop review, (2) peer review, (3) technical papers, and (4) annual meeting topics. A member of the SNA-TC, generally the chair, also serves as a default member of and liaison to the SETAC World Council Science Committee (SWC-SC), which provides a mechanism for bringing North American participation and SNA-TC perspective to the SWC-SC activities and workshop reviews.

The SNA-TC can respond to specific requests from the board, advisory groups, and other SNA committees, as well as take up issues that the SNA-TC decides warrant attention. In general, these requests consist of reviews of various documents, proposed workshops (such as Pellston or other technical workshops or seminars), or technical or issue papers on specific topics. Because much of the SNA-TC’s work relates to evaluating proposals for workshops and seminars, outreach to SETAC membership with the purpose of gathering input on emerging technical issues that may become the focus of SNA workshops or other events is a key aspect of our work and we make ourselves available to the membership for this purpose.

We are currently working on providing more information about the SNA-TC and its activities for the SETAC website. We’re also identifying current SNA-TC members to serve as liaisons to the advisory groups as a way to facilitate communication and keep our eyes and ears open for emerging technical issues. It is our goal to be responsive to the membership. We welcome the opportunity to discuss issues of interest to members. We also want to make sure that members are aware of our activities, and we will be attempting to communicate more to the membership at large through the Globe. Please feel free to contact the current chair, Trina von Stackelberg (, the incoming chair, Cam Irvine ( or our past chair, Emma Lavoie ( with any concerns or issues you may have, including an interest in serving on the TC now or in the future.

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