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  17 February 2011
Volume 12 Issue 2

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Dave Arnold, SETAC Europe Executive Director

Executive Director’s corner

Dave Arnold, SETAC Europe Executive Director

SETAC Europe is growing and we have an incredible diversity of members from so many different countries which both enriches us and challenges us. One of our greatest challenges is to see the development of Africa from a branch (chapter) of SETAC Europe into a Geographic Unit in its own right. The African continent is of course enormous and brings its own challenges in terms of setting up and managing scientific activities. Even holding conference calls (a common communication tool for many of us in SETAC) can be extraordinarily difficult. Nevertheless we have a really enthusiastic SE Council member from Africa, Randal Albertus, who is acting as a communication link to other SETAC members in Africa. Importantly, we have a scientific meeting coming up in Cameroon in June, in association with the Cameroon Toxicological Society, co-organised by Patricia Bi, a SETAC member and lecturer at the University of Buea. We are supporting this meeting financially but what we really need are good web based communication links in Africa that would enable us to transmit lectures and short courses to universities and the many students unable to afford the cost of travel to Cameroon.

Another challenge is to extend the Society into Eastern Europe and beyond. We have made, through the efforts of SETAC Global Executive Director Mike Mozur and SETAC Europe vice President Peter Campbell, contact with Russian and Kyrgizstan scientists who came to Portland. I hope that we can provide additional technical training and support for scientists in Russia and Eastern European countries with the long term objective of bringing them into the SETAC fold.

We have a staff of five in the Brussels office who work very hard to support the membership and SETAC Europe activities. We have just held a highly successful two-day special symposium on environmental risk assessment of mixtures, attended by over 100 delegates. Our next meeting at the end of this month is the 17th LCA Case Studies Symposium in Budapest, Hungary (

Our annual meeting is fast approaching and our motto is “GET NOTICED IN MILAN.” We need organisations to help sponsor this meeting so if, dear reader, you are in a position to help (perhaps you are related to the Ferrari or Fiat family??? ) then we can offer really attractive sponsorship deals.

Of course the science is the raison d’etre for our meetings and we have, for the first time, joined with the International Society of Exposure Science (ISES)to hold a 1.5 day special session in Milan on human health and environment. Marike Berglund from the Institute of Environmental Medicine in Stockholm, Sweden, will introduce the Session as a Plenary Speaker. Information on this session is at

We have just held our winter face to face Council meeting in Brussels and have a really exciting and challenging programme ahead but none of our activities would be possible without our dedicated volunteers, particularly those on Council, and I would like to acknowledge their commitment to the Society.

The smiley faces of SETAC Europe Council are shown below! Paolo Masoni from the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA) in Bologna, Italy was elected as our new vice President from May 2011.

SETAC Europe Councilkneeling: Randall Albertus;
left to right front row: Gerd Maack, Dave Arnold, Monica Amorim, Audrey Barletta-Bergan, Katja Knauer, Katrien Arijs, Lucia Guilhermino, Gertie Arts, Peter Campbell;
back row: Elena Redolfi, Markus Brinkmann, Mike Mozur, Tim Kedwards, Jussi Kukkonen, Paolo Masoni, David Phillips.

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