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  18 August 2011
Volume 12 Issue 8

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Regional Spotlight: Pacific Northwest Chapter

Burt Shephard, Pacific Northwest SETAC Past President

The Vancouver Hilton

The Pacific Northwest Chapter of SETAC held its 20th Annual Meeting 14-16 April 2011 in Vancouver, Washington at the Vancouver Hilton. Approximately 100 attendees enjoyed six platform sessions, a special session, a career panel discussion, a reception and the Friday night dinner. Our meeting kicked off with a special session of six presentations discussing salmon and pesticides science and policy in the Pacific Northwest. Our speakers represented regulatory agency, industry, academic, tribal and non-government organization points of view. We were particularly fortunate to have the USEPA perspective on the salmon and pesticides issue presented by Don Brady and Rick Keigwin from, as we say in Washington State, “the other Washington” (Washington, DC). We were also fortunate to have a presentation and SETAC journal exhibit booth staffed by Rick Wenning and Jenny Shaw from the SETAC editorial office. Rick, who is the editor of Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, gave a presentation on publishing journal articles through SETAC, which was of particular interest to the many students attending the meeting and just starting out on their careers. The update from SETAC North America was given by John Elliot of Environment Canada.

Friday and Saturday brought 19 platform presentations split among the six sessions: Up in the Air, Ecotoxicology, Risky Business, Chemical Stressors in the Salish Sea, Environmental Monitoring and Thinking Outside the Box. Additionally, 14 posters were available for viewing throughout the meeting.

PNW SETAC was fortunate to again be able to provide just under $3000 in financial support to assist 18 students in attending our meeting. The British Columbia Ministry of Environment provided an additional nearly $2200 in travel assistance to Canadian students. Students also enjoyed the student book drawing for a number of titles published by SETAC Press. Student presentation award winners were Adam Goulding for best B.S. degree platform presentation; Lesley Shelley (1st place) and Heather Summers (2nd place) for best graduate student platform presentations; and Christopher LaRocque (B.S.), Cassandra Vieville (M.S.) and Katerine Saili (Ph.D.) for best poster presentations. Congratulations to all!

Next year’s PNW SETAC meeting will be held in, as we say in Washington, “the other Vancouver” (British Columbia, Canada).

The Pacific Northwest Chapter (PNW SETAC) is geographically the largest regional chapter in North America, serving Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, British Columbia and Alberta. Information about our chapter can be found at our website,

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