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  14 April 2011
Volume 12 Issue 4

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Interactions Between SETAC and The Wildlife Society

Barnett Rattner, U.S. Geological Survey

The Wildlife Society

Members of SETAC and The Wildlife Society (TWS) have often discussed interaction between the two groups as their missions overlap. In fact, many members of the Wildlife Toxicology Working Group of TWS are also members of SETAC. Recently, SETAC North America (SNA) Vice President Barnett Rattner met with TWS Executive Director Michael Hutchins to review shared interests (e.g., toxicology, sustainability, ecosystem services to name a few) and the potential partnering of some activities. Characteristics of our respective memberships, annual meetings, journals, newsletters, web sites, outreach, and student and training activities were reviewed. Copies of TWS agreements with the Wildlife Disease Association and the American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians were provided as further background and guidance. Cross-fostering and future areas of interaction between the societies might include co-sponsorship of workshops or sessions at annual meetings, exchange of announcements, newsIetter articles and society exhibit booths at annual meetings, sharing of information on society management, and better coordination in scheduling of activities and meetings. Barnett provided an update about this ongoing discussion to the SNA Board of Directors and the SETAC World Council. As an initial step, interested members of both societies will work together to organize a meeting session or workshop on a contemporary wildlife toxicology topic. Additionally, SETAC Executive Director Mike Mozur and SNA Executive Director Greg Schiefer will follow up with Michael Hutchins to discuss future interactions between our Societies.

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