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  14 April 2011
Volume 12 Issue 4

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Upcoming Human Health Risk Assessment Sessions at SNA 2011 Annual Meeting

Bonnie Bailey

Risk assessment

SETAC North America’s new Human Health Risk Assessment Advisory Group (HHRA AG) is sponsoring, or jointly sponsoring, five sessions for the Boston meeting in November. We are encouraging members to support these sessions by submitting abstracts or identifying colleagues who may be interested in participating. If you would like to discuss the proposed topics further, feel free to contact the chair persons identified below.

  • Assessment of Human Health Risks Arising from Pharmaceuticals in the Environment: Spencer Williams and Alistair Boxall, (joint session with the Pharmaceutical Advisory Group)
  • PAH Exposure and Implications Regarding Human and Ecological Risks: Charlene Liu, Barbara Mahler, and Nai-chia Luke
  • Mercury Toxicity: The Influence of other dietary factors. Dan Peterson
  • Risk Communication: Lessons Learned. Ruddie Clarkson and Bonnie Bailey
  • Evaluating Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments and Remediation Decisions: Is the Cure Worse than the Disease? John Toll and Roz Schoof (joint session with the Ecological Risk Assessment Advisory Group)

Abstracts are being accepted through June 1.

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