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  14 April 2011
Volume 12 Issue 4

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SETAC on Earth Day—Member Activities

Stefanie Giese-Bogdan, 3M; Marc Greenberg, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; John Toll, Windward Environmental

Last month, in our article on SETAC Earth Day activities, we asked for members to share their ideas and experiences to help build momentum for a strong SETAC presence on Earth Day and World Environment Day and recognize our members who are contributing to the celebration of these significant public events. In March, we told you about SETAC members' contributions to oil spill lessons at the 2011 KinniRiverCleanUp™, to an ecotoxicology education event at a Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County Earth Day fair, and to a coastal water quality educational event sponsored by Sea Lab, an educational facility run by the Los Angeles Conservation Corps. This month we have one other Earth Day celebration/contribution to tell you about.

Windward volunteers at one of their recent riparian habitat restoration projects
Windward volunteers at one of their recent riparian habitat restoration projects.

Seattle-based Windward Environmental participates in a community service event twice a year, with its spring event focusing on Earth Day. Recent events have focused on riparian habitat restoration. At our most recent event, Windward employees helped People for Puget Sound restore native habitat at Maury Island Marine Park on Vashon Island, in southern Puget Sound. This Earth Day, Windward employees, family, and friends will perform restoration maintenance at the West Duwamish Greenbelt, the largest contiguous greenbelt in Seattle and home to a diverse population of wildlife along the Duwamish River. Windward is proud to support EarthCorps, Nature Consortium, the Green Seattle Partnership, and the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation in this Earth Day event.

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