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  September 2010
Volume 11 Issue 9

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Ascona, Switzerland

TransCon2010, 12-17 September 2010, Centro Stefano Franscini, Ascona, Switzerland

Organizers: Kathrin Fenner (Eawag, Switzerland), Juliane Hollender (Eawag, Switzerland), John Sumpter (Brunel University, UK)

About 80 academic, regulatory and industry participants from European and North American countries will attend TransCon2010, a conference convened to address environmental transformation of organic contaminants into stable, environmentally relevant transformation products. The conference aligns closely with SETAC’s mission of supporting the development of principles and practices for protecting, enhancing and managing sustainable environmental quality and ecosystem integrity.

The purpose of bringing all these people together for TransCon2010 is to build capacity for including transformation products in chemical risk assessments. The participants will work on developing a framework for including transformation products in chemical risk assessments that protects environmental resources, is based on best available science and, at the same time, is economically feasible and suitable to fulfill regulatory needs. Experimental and model-based scientific methods to investigate and predict transformation processes, and to assess the environmental fate and toxicity of transformation products, will be discussed. The conference’s aim is to develop a common understanding of how much transformation products contribute to overall chemical risk in the environment.

The conference will cover five main topics:

Topic 1:

Frontiers in analytical methods for identification and environmental monitoring of transformation products

Topic 2:

Experimental elucidation and computational prediction of transformation pathways and products

Topic 3:

Field studies and modeling approaches to assess fate of and exposure to transformation products

Topic 4: 

Modeling and assessing the ecotoxicological significance of transformation products

Topic 5: 

Including transformation products in chemical risk assessment and the assess­ment of water and soil quality

In four working groups, different aspects of transformation product assessment will be discussed in more depth during the conference. Short summaries of the working groups’ outcomes will be featured in one of the upcoming 2010 issues of SETAC Globe.

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