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  September 2010
Volume 11 Issue 10

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SNA Annual Meeting to Feature a Panel Discussion on Chemicals Management in Emerging Economies


Chemistry plays a critical enabling role in 95% of all products used by society. A wide range of players, from multi-national corporations to specialized small and mid-sized companies, have made chemicals production an important globalized sector of the world economy. This year’s SETAC North America annual meeting in Portland will feature a special multi-stakeholder panel discussion of the current state of chemicals management in emerging economies.

The panel discussion will take place Wednesday, 10 November, from 2–3:30pm. Panel participants will include Greg Bond (Corporate Director of Product Responsibility for The Dow Chemical Company), Susan C. Gardner (Senior Foreign Affairs Officer, U.S. Department of State) and David Kapindula (Pesticides and Toxic Substances, Environmental Council of Zambia and UNEP Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management [SAICM] Africa Regional Focal Point).

SAICM was created to provide a global policy framework toward achieving a 2020 vision that chemicals are produced and used in ways that minimize significant adverse impact on human health and the environment. SETAC has contributed to SAICM in two ways, via tripartite, peer reviewed science and via capacity building, as manifested in SETAC’s successful regional risk assessment capacity building workshop for Africa.

The panel discussion, hosted by The Dow Chemical Company and moderated by SETAC Global Executive Director Mike Mozur, will seek to identify opportunities for improvement of, collaboration in and best practices for chemicals management in emerging economies. Time permitting, discussants will also touch on international issues related to mercury management, which is the focus of global negotiations leading to a possible convention and a similar UNEP led international effort.

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