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  October 2010
Volume 11 Issue 11

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Come join us in a variety of new activities on sustainability starting in Portland

Sustainability is more than a buzzword―it is a concept that has influenced many SETAC activities for two decades. Yet, it remains mysterious to many as if it did not have scientific underpinnings. With renewed interests, there will be several activities at the Portland meeting exploring the nexus of science and policy as it relates to sustainability. We invite you to participate in a short course, platform sessions and group discussions in Portland that will elevate SETAC's commitment to sustainability. You will find materials and schedules at the Sustainability Within SETAC (SWS) booth next to the registration desk. We are looking for volunteers to donate an hour or two at the sustainability booth. This is a great way to meet other SETAC members. Please contact Bruce Vigon (+1 850-469-1500, X106) if you're able to help staff this booth. For other sustainability activities in Portland, here is the overview:

The half-day short course offered on Sunday November 7 begins the Portland discussions starting with straightening out the terminology and concepts through examples such as the Gulf Oil Spill experience. Was the oil spill inevitable given the economic drivers in the social and ecological landscape? What have we learned? Two platform sessions are scheduled for Wednesday morning (Nov 10) and Thursday morning (Nov 11). Wednesday's session on Supply-side Sustainability is in extended format with a planned group discussion after each speaker. In this session, several non-member guest speakers will seed each group discussion on thoughts pertaining to sustainable energy use, the role of values in sustainable landscape and product decisions, the role of sustainable certification, and the role of technology in sustainability. Thursday's session on Sustainability Assessment and Communication includes speakers on life-cycle management, score cards and indices, green chemistry, natural products, and consumer awareness, lending policy risks to natural habitat, and engaging sustainability in routine organizational decision making.

In addition, there is an open meeting for the SWS Taskforce on Wednesday evening from 5:45 to 7:00pm in Room B112. The purpose of this meeting is to begin the development of a long-range plan to shape SETAC's internal activities with respect to sustainability and determine how best to collaborate with other like-minded organizations. Representatives from future SETAC meetings have been invited so we can discuss planning strong sustainability programs for those events. If you are familiar with organizations that are leaders in sustainability, we encourage you to come to the Wednesday evening meeting and/or submit those organization names to Cynthia Stahl separately.

You are invited to participate in as many of these activities as you are able. Please join us. For more information, you may contact Emma Lavoie, Annie Weisbrod, Bruce Vigon, Ron McCormick, Larry Kapustka, or Cynthia Stahl.

Sustainability activities in Portland

Activity Description When Where
Sustainability Booth Hot spot for hearing and talking about what SETAC is doing, from reducing the annual meeting eco-footprint to organizing for the sustainability-themed Berlin World Congress Sunday through Thursday Registration Area
Platform Sessions/Symposia Ecotoxicity Fate and Risk Assessment of "Materials of Importance to the Military and Innovative Methods to Carry Out such Investigations" Tuesday, 1:55-5:45 Portland Ballroom 255
Advancing Population-Level Ecological Risk Assessment: an International Perspective - Part 2 Tuesday, 1:55-5:45 Oregon Ballroom 204
Supply-side Sustainability Wednesday, 8-11:50 Oregon Ballroom 203
Chemical Alternatives Assessments Wednesday, 1:55-5:45 Oregon Ballroom 202
The Emerging Global Concept of Ecosystem Services Wednesday, 1:55-5:45 Oregon Ballroom 203
Sustainability Assessments and Communication Thursday, 8-11:50 Oregon Ballroom 202
Short Course SC07 - Sustainability - What is it, why is it important and how to think about it Sunday, 8-Noon TBA
Group Meeting Sustainability Within SETAC Wednesday, 5:45-7 B 112

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