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  October 2010
Volume 11 Issue 11

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Errata from 30 September issue

In the last issue of the Globe, there were several errors and omissions that we would like to correct. The article on Aquatic Macrophyte Ecotoxicology and Risk Assessment: State of the Art was actually written by the Steering Committee members of the Aquatic Macrophyte Ecotoxicology Group (AMEG), a global SETAC Advisory Group. Gertie Arts, the credited author, would like to acknowledge the contributions of her fellow AMEG members: Jo Davies (Syngenta), Michael Dobbs (Bayer CropScience LP), Peter Ebke (Mesocosm GmbH), Mark Hanson (University of Manitoba), Udo Hommen (Fraunhofer IME), Katja Knauer (Federal Office for Agriculture), Stefania Loutseti (Du Pont Hellas S.A.), Lorraine Maltby (The University of Sheffield), Silvia Mohr (Federal Environment Agency), Angela Poovey (US Army Corps of Engineer Research and Development Center) and Véronique Poulsen (AFSSA–DiVE–Ecotoxicology and Environmental Fate Unit).

Professor Marco Vighi, a co-author on Ecosystem Vulnerability to Stress Factors, was incorrectly affiliated with the University of Milan; he is actually at the University of Milan Bicocca.

Our apologies to the authors! We appreciate your patience and support!

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