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  August 2010
Volume 11 Issue 8

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Mike Mozur, Global Executive Director

Executive Directors’ Corner

Mike Mozur, SETAC Global Executive Director

It is exciting to see the Globe again after the hiatus of several months and there is clearly a lot to convey to our membership. Thanks to John Toll and Nancy Musgrove for taking on this challenge and making such an important contribution to our Society and community.

2010 has been extremely busy, with great success at all of our meetings. Attendance was huge in Seville in May, very strong in Guangzhou in June and very good at the regional conference in March in Ho Chi Minh City. This energy has generated increased membership; our numbers now exceed 5,500 worldwide, up ten percent over the past year. Our outreach to national societies in Australia/New Zealand, Japan and Brazil continues, with promising dialogues underway.

We have strengthened our international connections; new opportunities for the Society and our members are emerging. We continue to work on the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) and in the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP)/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative. We are considering joining the UNEP Global Partnership on Mercury, the focus of an effort to conclude in an international convention by 2013. Our meetings in February in Geneva with UNEP Chemicals and with UNITAR, the UN training organization, confirmed those organizations’ interest in working with SETAC. I welcome your comments and input on these activities and want to ensure our engagement serves the membership well.

We launched our eKnowledge effort with a successful 16 June webinar on POPs/PBTs, with almost 100 attendees from around the world. Stay tuned for more news on this program and feel free to approach me or the other executive directors with your ideas and suggestions. This could become a dynamic aspect of our global capacity-building program in keeping with our vision of contributing to environmental quality through science.

This year has also seen daunting events—Icelandic volcanic eruptions and the major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico—with tremendous impact on the global environment. Collaboration with our new publisher Wiley-Blackwell has produced virtual journal issues featuring our past science on oil spills. This pressing topic received attention in Seville and will continue to do so in Portland and in succeeding meetings.

I look forward to seeing everyone at future meetings, with Portland next, and hope you will drop by my Open Door sessions so that I can hear your thoughts about SETAC and its future direction.

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