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  December 2010
Volume 11 Issue 12

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YES 2nd Young Environmental Scientists Meeting

SETAC Europe Young Environmental Scientists Meeting

Aupaki Michael Melato on behalf of the SETAC Europe Student Advisory Council

The SETAC Europe Student Advisory Council (SAC) represents the interest of student members (degree students, master, diploma or PhD students) within SETAC Europe. One of our main goals has been to build the platform for networking between students and established scientists, as well as to provide a signpost for career building. Several activities have been successfully conducted to facilitate this goal. Now, the SAC is proud to announce the Second Young Environmental Scientist Meeting (YES‑Meeting) from 28 February–2 March 2011 at RWTH Aachen University in Aachen, Germany.

The theme of the meeting will be “Environmental challenges in a changing world.” This student-only meeting is exclusively organised by students and with special benefits for students:

  • No conference fees will be charged and every participant will receive a travel grant.
  • The workshop “Written and spoken science—guidance to excellent publications and presentations” will be given by Peter Chapman (Golder, CA).
  • Career talks by Juliane Hollender (EAWAG, CH), Steve Maund (Syngenta, CH) and Annemarie van Wetzel (Kiwa Water Research, NL) will give insights in career planning.
  • A job corner that will give students the opportunity to meet potential future employers.

The registration period already ended and the scientific committee received 120 abstracts from all over the world: Bangladesh, Belgium Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Congo, the United Kingdom, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania, Uganda and the United States of America.

The SAC is looking forward to a successful meeting!

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